Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Fairness in '08???

I’m still in deliberation as to who I am in full support of for the presidency; however, one individual has clearly separated himself from the usual bureaucratic nonsense prevalent within the debates of both parties. Instead of a personal digression on why I am so impressed with the planks this individual has chosen to stand on, I’ll let you decide for yourself.


When viewing this, consider the current controversy surrounding this candidate and Internet giant Yahoo, who has yet to post a profile for Mr. Paul amongst all of the other Republican candidates. Furthermore, Rupert Murdoch is doing his best to silence Paul’s efforts on the social networking behemoth Myspace. Despite overwhelming responses from the American public declaring Mr. Paul the “winner” of the debates via digital voting, it seems Mr. Paul can still not get a fair shake with regard to this election. This makes one really contemplate the validity of the age-old axiom surrounding the idea of “democratic” elections.


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